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tv   Today  NBC  April 13, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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back now with more of "today" on a wednesday morning, the 13th of april, 2011. you're looking at the nice people who braved some crummy weather out here in new york this morning. we'll head out and say hi to them this morning as soon as we can. we have decided to delay that, but thanks to them for stopping by. i'm matt lauer along with al roker, tamron hall and willie geist as well. >> good to be here. >> natalie is on a tough assignment. our own girl from ipanema on the beach in rio. good morning again. you have a great view from high above the city. >> reporter: good morning. i have to tell you, matt, the
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best view of all of rio is hang gliding above. the only thing is you have to be willing to jump off a cliff about 1,600 feet high. it was such a thrill. i'm going to give you a little bit of a bird's eye view, literally. it's like an imax experience. >> a different view than your dad got in those home videos. >> reporter: don't you love it? my dad with the focus. >> yes. >> reporter: dad would disappear for long jogs on the beach. >> putting out a little bit too much about your dad, natalie. might want to keep it down before your mom calls the attorney. let's check in later. also ahead this half hour, help for your money emergencies. wondering if the free budgeting websites will work for you? what's the best way to climb out of deep debt? we'll get advice from our expert
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panel. >> then reasons men don't seem to listen to women. i don't know what they're talking about. i always listen. i have heard women often complain about that. are men entirely to blame? >> is this my cue to say something? >> blah, blah, blah. >> oh. pound, pound, pound. okay. it may not be all your fault. probably 90%. one reason is that men apparently are wired differently. why are you evil eyeing me. >> wired to tune into a lot of things? filtering more? >> i think we listen differently. wouldn't you say? >> yeah. >> can't we just get along? >> we have real experts on the topic and we'll talk to them and get their answers. i will probably never be back. >> absolutely. first ann is off today. you have the day's top stories. >> thank you. hosni mubarak is being detained for 15 days in an investigation into his regime's alleged corruption and killing of protesters in that country.
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the most expansive probe of its kind in the arab world. the announcement came within hours of news that hosni mubarak was hospitalized due to heart trouble. his sons are being detained and questioned. residents around the fukushima nuclear plant in japan demanding compensation today at the tokyo headquarters of tepco, the facility's operator. families have been displaced due to fears of spreading radiation. cash payments are being prepared as quickly as possible. police say a mother who may have been involved in a domestic dispute killed herself and her three young children last night by driving their minivan into the hudson river in newburgh, new york. mara schiavocampo is there with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tamron. that tragedy unfolded right behind me at this boat ramp. that's where the mother drove her van into the river killing herself and three of her young children. the boys aged 2 and 5 and a baby
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girl, 11 months old. before the mother drove into the river she allowed a fourth child, a 10-year-old boy to get out. he ran for help, but by the time police divers found the van it was submerged in ten feet of water. everyone inside was pronounced dead on the scene. police think it may have been related to a domestic dispute they responded to earlier in the evening. there was no one home when they arrived. shortly after, the boy came to tell them what happened with his family. the police haven't released any identity of the victims or the person that the mother may have been fighting with. just a devastating tragedy. one of the first responders said this was one of the worst calls he's responded to in more than a decade. >> thank you. it took one minute for a decommissioned australian warship to slip under the waves after a series of controlled explosion explosions. it will be an artificial reef and a point of interest for divers. cool to see that. and a story of rags to riches
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and back to rags again says jim sprague who believed he'd won the lottery. he and his wife were celebrating their win of $4.3 million when he found the number on his colorado lottery ticket matched the winning number in the local paper. but when they called it in they were informed that the paper made a mistake. jim said he still hopes to find his lucky number for keeps some day. he's obviously a nice guy. i would have been protesting. >> that newses paper owes him $4.3 million. unbelievable. >> that's your update on the nups. >> thank you very much. mr. roker? >> people complain when i make a mistake. let's look and see what's happening. we have another system coming into the west causing problems. cold front moving on shore brings rain to the pacific northwest. snow in the mountains. as we missouri into tomorrow, low pressure develops. a risk of strong storms from the mid mississippi river valley
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into the plains. as we move into friday, a wider risk from illinois to the gulf. isolated tornadoes, strong storms and hail possible with the system. >> we are off to it would start this wednesday. off and on rainshowers through the morning hours. we might get a break in the overcast that's your latest weather. willy? ♪ money, money, money >> announcer: today's money 911 is brought to you by charles schwab. talk to chuck. ♪
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>> all right. time for today's money 911. from using online budgeting tools to saving for retirement, our experts have answers to your big financial questions. jean chatzky is the author of "money 911." david bach is the founder of and author of "debt free for life" and sharon epperson is a personal finance correspondent for cnbc and >> good morning. >> first up a video from caroline in maryland. let's take a look. >> hi. i'm 49 years old and a federal employee. my husband died last year and he was also a federal employee. we both have tsp retirement accounts. i'm wondering if i should roll his account into mine. his account has been placed in a tsp bond account called the g-fund. mine is in a 2020 targeted retirement account. i will probably retire in about ten years at the earliest. thank you.
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>> jean, first of all, what is a tsp account? what do you recommend? >> a tsp is a thrift savings plan, basically an account that works like a 401-k, but for federal employees. caroline, let me say we're all really sorry about your loss. yes, you have the right idea. the g-fund, the government bond fund is very, very conservative. it's probably more conservative than you need at this point. if you roll it into your 2020 account, that's a target date retirement fund which allocates things in an appropriate way for you to retire in 2020. go ahead and do that and know you have made a good call. >> absolutely. a difficult situation here. let's go to skype for the next viewer from williamsburg, virginia. go ahead with your question. >> i'm in my first year of graduate school and will graduate in may of 2012. i don't have a student loan and i make a small stipend every week. i would like to keep track of my
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spending and create a budget to save for the future. i would like to use one of the budgeting websites to figure out a budget but i wasn't sure about giving them my credit card and account information. are the websites secure and accurate? >> great question. first of all, congratulations on no student loans! fantastic. i'm proud of you for wanting to track your money. yes, i like the free websites that offer you the ability to track your money. let me tell you which one. specifically the one is that's the one i send my friends to. the key to is what's called a read-only site. you're not transferring money back and forth. it's just reading where you are spending money. if you use a credit card, you can set it up to pull the information off your card and you can track online how much money you spend. put whatever you want in there. checking account, atm and so forth. when you track your money, we have learned you will spend
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less. it's a great way to go. if you don't want to do it online, because a lot of people have concerns about security. i wouldn't be concerned about they are using the same technology that banks use. if you are concerned, simply spend a little bit of money, $29, to buy a software program. my favorite is quicken. that's what i have used for 20 years. turns out quicken bought, the company that uns it called intuit. these are the programs i recommend and use. >> great question. thank you very much. hope it helps. to an e-mail now. kerry in missouri writes -- after my husband lost his job we fell so far into debt we had to file chapter 13 last year. we had wild card money protected when we filed our tax return but anything over the protected amount we had to prove a need for it in order to keep it. can my husband change the amount he claims so we can keep more money throughout the year in his checks and not get so much back in a refund. sharon? >> even people not facing
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bankruptcy are trying to figure out what to do so they don't have the same tax situation this year. they need to look at withholding, the w-4 form and see how to make changes of allowances. the irs is a very helpful calculator on the website at to do that. they may not be able to change their withholding without talking to an attorney. they have a court order in bankruptcy court for chapter 13 saying they will pay back at least some debt. that may have a provision that they have to take the tax refund and give it to creditors. it may say they have to get permission from the court to change withholding. the courts know they will want to do that. check with your attorney first but look into the withholding and make sure you claim withholding for dependents, spouse, children and even if you have day care expenses that's a good way to go. >> great advice. thank you very much to you all. jean chatzky, david bach, sharon epperson, thank you very much. up next, are you talking to me?
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good morning. on today's relationships, why men don't listen to women. does he hear you but not get what you're saying? it's something that frustrates women and can harm the relationship. but men may not be entirely at fault for tuning out when women are talking. "today" contributor and psychiatrist gail saltz and jeff gurdy are here with advice on how to better communicate with your man -- what are you doing? >> i'm listening. i learned my lesson. >> gail, this is an interesting topic. it's so relatable and any man or woman has a story related to this. >> i see a lot of it in my practice. couples come in and want help and one of the first issues is communication. people fail tole realize that
9:16 am
men and women's brains different. we are wired differently and we are socialized differently. women think of many, many, many mo words per day for instance than men are tending to do. men are more linear, women more emotion emotional. men more analytic and the differences make the communication a problem. >> if they are not dealt with it can create a major problem. perhaps even the end of a relationship. jeff, we have tips and explanations in understanding why men think differently and how women can understand this. first you say that men really want to fix the problem. >> that's right. just as gail said, men think analytically. they want to go to the heart of the problem. they don't want to hear what's going on because for them it's all about fixing it as quickly as possible. >> they want the relationship to work, after all, as well. >> that's the thing. in their own way they are listening, but not to the satisfaction of their women. so we shouldn't bash men who try to listen.
9:17 am
at least they are sitting next to you. they are there, but maybe not there. the fact is they are there. >> gail, the other thing to understand -- and i was trying to wrap my head around this -- you said men want to maintain a rational thought process. >> that means sometimes a woman wants to be listened to, she wants support but she wants to vent. if he wants to go from point a to point b in a straight line and she wants to hit c and d along the way he may deflect her. problem solving can be problem solving or could be a deflection like, look, i solved the problem. whateverle else you ev're talki about, i don't want to hear that. >> that sounds like chris rock stand-up. you say men want to keep masculinity in check. >> in other words they want to keep it a man thing. for them to hear the emotion, because women can get very emotional. what they really want to do when they are asking for help is to
9:18 am
be able to vent. it's a catharsis and is important. the guys are like, wait a minute, i didn't ask for this emotion, this intimacy because now i'm feeling very uncomfortable in dealing with those feelings. >> you do ask for it because you're in a relationship. that's a package deal. i come with emotioning. >> his idea of intimacy could be different from hers. >> right. >> as we know on many sex segments she wants to talk, share emotions. he wants to -- like, get to it because that's his intimacy. >> that's a great way to put it. get to it. you also say, gail, men want to secure the upper hand. >> this is true of both people in the relationship. sometimes relationships are viewed, not even consciously as who's winning. everybody wants to be the winner. they want the power, control in the relationship. so they don't feel insecure. part of the not listening may be like, look, i don't want to get into the mire here. i want to say, i have said my
9:19 am
piece. we're done. i don't want to hear whining. >> that's advice on how to fix the problem. you say to let her finish. >> let her finish. it is about the emotion. guys just jump in and cut her off. let her finish. that's better than you doing the problem solving as a man. >> women have to remember, he's not a girlfriend. he's the guy. if you know he has a different headset, tell him what you need. if you want him to listen, tell him. at tend of the day you both want the relationship to work. >> that's right. women, keep it pithy. he's not your girlfriend. he might be a girly man but not the girlfriend. >> i'm going to marinate on this. all the people will tweet about it. >> listening! >> jeff won't let me finish. tip. coming up, natalie morales gets a bird's eye view of rio. this is so cool. first, these messages. [ male announcer ] at cheez-it,
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rio de janeiro, brazil, is called the marvelous city for good reason. one of the most spectacular cities known for beauty and lifestyle. >> natalie morales has been giving us a look all morning and she got to see it in a unique perspective, hang gliding. listen, i have to ask you. are you losing your mind? i know you're having a good time, but come on! >> reporter: i think i am a little bit crazy, tamron, if you're asking me that. i have to say, the best view of the city is really just gliding right over it. the only thing is the catch, you have to be willing to jump off a cliff. >> how high up are we? >> 1,600 feet of pure pleasure.
9:23 am
>> i'm putting my cocktail dress on for the party. >> this is the crown of the princess of nbc. >> reporter: okay. thank you. >> keep running through the air, okay? one, two, three, go, go, go, faster! [ screaming ] >> beautiful takeoff. beautiful! >> reporter: oh, my god! [ screaming ] >> welcome to rio. >> oh, god. welcome to rio. ♪ >> reporter: this is the best view of rio ever. right here. >> did you see the movie "avatar"? >> reporter: yes. >> pretty, right? >> reporter: yes. >> we'll play "avatar." over the forest like "avatar." look!
9:24 am
come, come, come. >> reporter: wow! >> now to the left. come with me. >> reporter: are we landing in the trees? >> thank you. >> reporter: you have never landed in the trees. >> not yet. >> reporter: don't say "not yet." >> prepare for a perfect landing. can you help me? arch your back. happy landing, okay? >> reporter: in the water? >> no, not today. >> reporter: thank you. >> come down. >> reporter: oh, my gosh. >> welcome to rio de janeiro. give me your hand. congratulations! >> reporter: i did it! yes.
9:25 am
it was such an incredible experience. i'm taking back this little souvenir because i earned it. >> bravo, natalie. good job. >> very proud of her. natalie, thanks. easy pasta dishes with giada after your local news. want one of a kind eyes? individualize with the covergirl exact eyelights collection. green eyes -- here's the look for you. blues, hazels, and browns have their look too. individualeyes! with exact eyelights from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl. i want you tonight!
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is the wbal-tv 11 news update. >> another clout, wet morning. we have the last part of the storm is spinning out overhead. temperatures started out around 50 degrees. high temperatures to make it to around 60 for the hybrid chance for showers begins
9:29 am
9:30 am
♪ wow, that is hot superstar jennifer lopez. the "american idol" again proves why she's well qualified. she has a top 10 hit of her own on the charts. it's the best song right now. she's on the cover of "people" magazine's world's most beautiful issue. we'll hear from her later on today. gorgeous. >> gorgeous. i like her hair in the video. the tall hair. >> i'm such a fan. i'm tamron hall along with willie geist. natalie is having fun in rio de janeiro, brazil.
9:31 am
good morning, natalie. you're going to show us why rio is hot, hot, hot. >> reporter: can i tell you? this is fall in rio. it must be 95 tigers. -- degrees. i know you're dying to know the water temperature. it's perfect. but coming up we'll talk about why brazil has had this amazing transformation over the last 30 years. it wasn't always this incredible country with everything going for it. there was a time when this country was really on the brink of disaster. coming up, i'll share more of what has changed here. >> i have not seen so many good-looking people on the beach in my life. reason number one to go to rio. >> rubbing it in with the weather. 90 here, the water's warm. it's pouring rain and 50 outside, natalie. that's not nice. >> she's our friend, so we're living vicariously through her. also ahead, this season's must
9:32 am
have hand bags from white totes to colorful carry-alls. the latest trends for spring bags. buy your wife something nice. >> or maybe a man purse. >> a murse? no, no. >> we'll get a cooking lesson from giada de laurentiis in the kitchen ready to show us three easy pasta dishes using the fresh, flavorful vegetables in season now. >> looks good. she's already got her hands in it. first a check of the weather from al. >> still nasty although the rain has let up. that's nice. a look at the forecast and the next 24 hours to show you what's going on. first of all, for today, sunshine, warm weather through the gulf. heavy rain moving into new england as the storm system pulls off. more rain in the pacific northwest with mountain snow. sunny in the southwest. tomorrow, sunshine in new england. mild through the mississippi, ohio river valley. sunny and warm. a risk of strong storms texas to
9:33 am
nebraska. more rain in the pacific northwest with snow in the plains, sunny and mild through the southwest. >> off and on rainshowers at with us at least through the morning hours. but the time we get into the afternoon, we will see some clearing and maybe sunshine under drive home. and that's your latest weather. tamron? >> up next, we'll go to rio where natalie has the scoop on what makes brazil a hot spot right after this. part of my job is teaching my patients how to take insulin. but i've learned a lot from patients who use flexpen. flexpen comes pre-filled with the insulin i take and i can dial the exact dose of insulin i need.
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well known for soccer, samba and carnivale, brazil has never been hotter. natalie morales lived there as a child. >> reporter: she's now there to see if things have changed or not. good morning, natalie. are thing it is same? >> reporter: yes. [ speaking in a foreign language ] you know, i lived here 30 years ago and this country was struggling. it was on the brink of disaster. it was so full of promise and beauty, but then again that was then and this is now. ♪
9:38 am
>> reporter: its beaches the most famous on the planet. its cities, the most dazzling. and its women -- ♪ >> reporter: often called the most beautiful in the world. everything about brazil is impressive. the largest country in south america, it could fit 12 states of texas and with the population nearing 200 million and growing. and so, too, is its economy, exploding at a fast and furious pace, projected to be the fifth largest economy in the next decade. on his first trip to brazil just last month, president obama signalled to the world the importance of this emerging global power. >> we seek a deeper partnership with your government and a closer friendship with your people. >> reporter: now this land of opportunity is also ready for
9:39 am
the world stage. they will host the world cup in 2014 and summer olympics in 2016. >> brazil will deliver the best olympic games ever. >> reporter: everywhere you look it is a country undergoing dramatic transformation. now enjoying boom times following decades of struggle and uncertainty. >> brazil is heavily in debt. >> reporter: it became the poster child of latin america's debt crisis. the country was bankrupt so it tried printing new money many times. when i lived here the currency has changed several times. it was the crusado to today's cao. within the last five years brazil struck the jackspot, literally with the discovery of vast offshore oil fields. >> the u.s. needs oil and needs it from a stable, reliable
9:40 am
partner. brazil offers that. >> reporter: what's also changed after decades of military control, brazil is firmly a democratic and progressive country. just last year it elected the first woman president. what hasn't changed enough, this is still a country of extreme contrast. look no further than the slums that surround rio. more than 20% of the city's population live here. that poverty led to astounding crime rates. in rio there is ongoing urban warfare with drug traffickers. now the government taking control. last november army tanks stormed through to reclaim slums from traffickers. is crime still a black eye for brazil? >> i think it is. i think it is. it's still a big problem. we see a light at the end of the tunnel. >> reporter: part of rio's solution, this brand new state of the art operations center, bigger than nasa's mission
9:41 am
control. why is brazil so hot now? >> we are becoming a better country, more democracy, more prosperity. we know the world will be watching us. >> reporter: there is an old saying here that brazil is the country of the future and always will be. that time may have finally arrived. >> the united states' relationship with brazil is perhaps never more important than today. when president obama visited just last month he indicated very clearly why brazil was his first stop. back to you guys, willy and tamron. >> thank you very much. cleaning up crime ahead of the olympics is a priority for them. >> up next, the perfect pocketbook for spring. we'll take a look after this.
9:42 am
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this morning on bobbie's style buzz, spring bags. the change of season brings fun new trends in fashion accessories. bobbie thomas rounded up the hottest bags and showed ladies how to upgrade their look. good morning. >> good morning. >> good to see you. >> you as well. >> we know that the bags are "it" bags and change constantly. what are we seeing different for spring? >> we are seeing trends pop up. if you invest in a classic bag it will never go out of style. the first category is a good example. envelope bags. >> i love it because the size doesn't change when it's a handbag. >> right. this is a definite pick me up for shopping. a lot of designers like gucci are setting a lady like trend
9:46 am
but it's about the flat bag. i like that bags are getting smaller. this demure style is great. you will find it at every price point. i like the natural colors. you will own it for a long time. that's bcbg for $108. >> this black one. >> a great bag from urban outfitters that's $60ish and aldo bags that are a great messenger style. >> i love this if you are traveling or in a busy area, everything is safe. >> it dresses up an outfit and the straps give you versatility. i want to show you a picture of nicole. you will see her with the black hand bag before. in the after picture, you see this small forever 21 bag for only $27. we updated her with polish. she had sneakers on, but it definitely dressed up the look. >> the first bag was fine but
9:47 am
this is boom. the other trend, white handbags. sell me on this. it's the easiest bag to get dirty and you feel you wasted your money. >> white bags come back every summer. dolce & gabanna and diane von furstenberg are great examples of this. you're worried about getting them dirty. all of the bags here are under $100. go to to find links to everything. if you get a bag like the buddha with texture you won't see the scuffs. look for texture. that's on trend, too. it's a functional, fashion-forward items. >> on the streets? >> i found linda who gave up the big dark bag for a white bag. it added a crisp contrast to the suit. >> she went from fall, winter to spring. >> one accessory can update the
9:48 am
look. >> linda's rocking the sunglasses, too. next, carry-alls. >> this is the trend of color blocking, sporty stripes. this h & m bag is $34. so great. prada did stripes, too. two hot bags. the fendi and the ysl two-tone. >> they are strong colors. how do you work it? >> i'm glad you asked. the first picture is christine. i flipped when i saw christine on the street. cute outfit. i wanted to see if she'd put on a colored bag with stripes. you can see it works. it was a great way to update into spring. >> right. >> you wouldn't think it would work. >> she has the striped top and the colorful scarf. but it looks great. >> and we have another picture. this is melissa. >> nice. >> same thing. she had on neutrals. look at the great pop of color. the same bag works. do not walk by the bags and
9:49 am
think they won't work. they add something unexpected. there are so many great options. check out the article. >> full price range. you don't have to spend a ton. >> these are some of the best out there. >> i love this one. thank you. up next, giada de laurentiis's favorite spring pasta that your family will lo. first this is "today" on nbc.
9:50 am
9:51 am
this morning we are cooking with giada. giada de laurentiis is here with three super easy spring pastas featuring her favorite ingredients of the season and three different kinds of pasta. good morning. >> good morning. spring is in the air despite the weather outside. >> i tried to dress springy. >> we need help. take us through. get us to spring with the pasta. >> three of my favorite ingredients for spring are asparagus, artichoke and
9:52 am
avocado. i have three different pastas with those. first blanch the asparagus. keep the rubber band on because it makes them easy to get them out of water. >> how long is a blanch? >> because i'm not putting them in ice water to bring down the internal temperature of the asparagus, one minute. >> one minute. >> depends on size. you can find pencil asparagus or fatter ones. minute and a half to two minutes for the fatter ones. >> and we have spaghetti? >> yes, put the spaghetti in the same water. >> same water? wh >> it's easier. >> no italian mystery. >> no, it's just easier. i don't have to clean an extra pot. cook it for eight minutes. over here, just brown a little bit of garlic. >> okay. >> just a little bit until you smell it. you know the smell of garlic. your wife is half italian. >> she is. >> so a little bit of garlic. turn off the heat just like
9:53 am
that. then we add the asparagus we blanched earlier. just cut it up in one-inch pieces to make it easier to eat. add that in for a minute. then we add -- hand me the spaghetti over there. >> spaghetti? >> you don't know how to say it in american-italian? >> i'm still learning. >> how do you eat yours? >> i roll it up with a spoon. isn't that right? >> no. you don't do it at your wife's family's house, do you? >> this looks good. what is this? >> prosciutto, smoked mozzarella and basil. all with the heat off. toss it with a little bit of pasta water and olive oil. >> this looks easy. >> pretty, right? easy, pretty, looks springy. >> even i can pull that off. avocado next. >> right. peel and take the seed out. two garlic cloves and some fresh
9:54 am
arugula with a spicy bite to it, basil. if you just do avocado, it's too buttery. a little bit of lime, salt and puree it together. >> i can do it. i'll push the button. >> you have to close it first. >> really? be clear with me, giada. >> close the top, then turn it on. >> i've got it, okay. >> until it's mixed together. then toss it with linguine, cheese on top and for crunch, slivered, toasted almonds. >> we have done spaghetti and linguine and the thimbles. >> it's very easy to eat with a spoon. i sauteed mushrooms and onions. >> smells great. >> add the artichokes. >> tamron, al. >> you can use fresh or frozen
9:55 am
artichokes, cheese, put it all together. it's easy to eat. >> i can do this. you have helped me. >> you can definitely make the first one. >> that i can do. >> you can handle that. >> spaghetti, ling irlinguine a thimbles for spring. >> coming up. kathie and hoda lee [ laughter ] >> with jennifer lopez after your local news.
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> clouds and rainshowers amount of the area this morning.
9:58 am
temperatures this one started out around 50 degrees and will warm up, but only a little bit today. we expect highs in the upper 50s and perhaps 60 in some
9:59 am
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